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Google Adwords Services

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Marketing Feature

Google Ads enables advertising and promoting your business, products, and services when a user searches a particular keyword. It can boost your leads and sales and convert them into valuable customers. When a user searches for a keyword, they get their query results on the search engine results page (SERP). These results may include a paid advertisement that targeted that particular keyword.

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Performance Tracking

Google Ads allows you to keep track of the performance of your ads. It helps in tracking the number of users that view and click on your ad.

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Pay Only For Results

A popular and beneficial feature of Google Ads is that you pay only for the clicks on your ads and not the impressions. Now reach your target audience easily.

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Precision Targeting Ads

Google Ads allow business owners to precisely decide what potential users should be targeted for the presentation of the ads.

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google adwords ppc services
About Us

Achieving the Target wisely

When we search for a keyword on a search engine, we get identical results to the organic search results that are bolded with "Ad" on the left side. This is beneficial for advertisers because the first result on Google probably gets the most traffic for search queries. However, you may not get the first place or top spot on SERP when you buy a particular keyword, as there are many other competitors who tend to buy the same keyword through Google Ads.

The PPC model means marketers bid on a specific keyword on Google with others also targeting the same.

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Strategic Plan and Execution

Your business needs to manage and execute the PPC advertising on your behalf. However, it is a powerful tool but has to be used wisely and smartly. You must find out your advertising objectives before creating a Google Ads account. Online advertising will require you to be more specific in that sense.

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Search Campaign

You might be familiar with these. They appear on the SERP with the black bold font "Ad" next to the URL.

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Shopping Campaign

The product gallery of your physical products is showcased with Google Shopping Ads to the customers.

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Display Campaign

Display Network uses Google’s vast website partners to showcase your ad on websites all over the internet.

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Video Campaign

The ads that appear in front of the YouTube videos in the form of pre-rolls are called Video Campaigns.

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App Campaign

You don’t need to create an app. The apps take your text and assets to furnish them on their app.

google adwords pay per click cost

Optimize Landing Pages

The landing page of your website should resolve the keyword query of the user when it reaches you.

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